We also provide fully installed zip wires throughout the UK 

For the adventure seeking tree house dwellers, zip wire rides are the extra thrill you’ve been looking for.  We install everything from a basic home zip wire kit to commercial zip wires.  Our zip wire installations can go from support poles on the ground, as found in adventure parks and playgrounds.  Alternatively, we can build a zip wire running from your treehouse deck down to ground level, or across to another treehouse deck.

A standard zip wire installation

As you can imagine, a standard home zip wire is a much more reasonable choice for children to use with minimal supervision.  We always recommend the use of helmets, harnesses and adult supervision when zip wiring.  But we know, in reality, this isn’t always going to happen because it’s up to each property owner to enforce.  So for most zipwire projects, it’s usually a good idea to keep the ride to reasonable speeds, at reasonable heights above the ground at the start and finish, and to make it as easy as possible for zip wire riders to hold on by using appropriate zip wire accessories such as handles and seats.  Most standard zip lines are about 30m to 80m long and have weight ratings up to 120 Kg’s (17.5 Stones approx).  These zipline rides typically cost approx £2000+ (excluding take off and landing platforms), depending on specification and your location.  Another factor in the price is the kind of launching platform needed – sometimes you can start the zip wire ride from the ground, and other times a platform must be built in the trees with a ladder attached.A ball park figure for example a 30m tree to tree with 1.5m x 1.5m take off platform 2m high, installed within 100 miles of Lymington, Hampshire will be £3200 plus vat.This price is only an indication, other cost factors may apply.



An intermediate zip wire

For more serious zip wire experiences, we can install a zip wire that moves at faster speeds, are higher above the ground, and/or are in the range of 80-150m long.  Extra precautions are taken to ensure safety, and harnesses and helmets are strongly recommended.  We will teach you about every piece of equipment and how to safely ride and facilitate your guests on your zip wire.  Along with a zip wire ride comes a level of responsibility: to either inspect and maintain the zip wire yourself, or to hire us or another reputable zip wire company to inspect and maintain the project on a regular basis.  They are a lot of fun, but can also be dangerous and therefore deserve respect.A ball park figure for example a 120m tree to tree with 1.5m x 1.5m take off platform 2m high, installed within 100 miles of Lymington, Hampshire will be £3900 plus vat.This price is only an indication, other cost factors may apply.

An advanced zip wire

If an intermediate zip wire isn’t enough for you, then we need to make sure that you have tall & strong trees, the right environment and topography, and the right budget for this type of project.  The most serious zip wires are primarily the domain of commercial operations such as adventure parks and tree top tours 200M+ in length.

How to get a zip wire quote

The first step is determining whether it’s going to be possible to have a zip wire where you want it.  Most people can tell intuitively whether they have a good site for a standard zip wire in their proposed location.   If you are in Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Sussex, Oxfordshire, Essex, Dorset, Wiltshire, Kent, London, or the South of the United Kingdom, we will be able to survey and install it quickly.  However, most intermediate and advanced zip wires require a preliminary, site survey by us to determine whether a zip wire is possible in the desired location.  A nominal site survey fee for an on site, zip wire survey and quotation, Is £200 plus vat. This cost is fully reimbursed when we complete your installation 

You may prefer to collect measurements, and/or pictures to send to us before the first visit – this does not eliminate the need for a site survey before every installation, but it can help us give you a better range of budgetary costs before you commit to the cost of the first visit.

Zipwire servicing and maintenance.

Every time a zipwire is used a cursory inspection should be done, by the rider to make sure there are no obvious problems.

To maintain your 10 year guarantee on your wire we must carry out a yearly inspection and service of the wire and its components.

The annual inspection and service costs £200 plus vat.


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