There are many questions that arise.  Here are some you may want to think about...

  • What are your exact requirements? Is this for adults?  Children?  Or perhaps children at the moment, but then later you would consider changing into something for yourself?  You need to think about all the possibilities and make sure it's something that can last you a lifetime.
  • How much space do you have? Obviously, there has to be enough space not only for the structure but also to safely use it without risking falling or injury.  This is why a site visit is important. 
  • What are your budgets? Whether this is a big or small project, realistic budgets are essential.  So have a good idea before a site visit how much you could realistically spend.  We can design your treehouse to suit your absolute perfect price.
  • Do you have the right tree, or one that will outlive you and is strong enough to support your project?


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