Zip wire inspection, servicing and maintenance programme.


Now that you have your zip wire, the one step to start considering about for the future that will help to prolong the life of the zip wire, is the inspection, servicing and maintenance of your zip wire equipment.

A zip wire is like a car, in that it needs to be regularly serviced and maintained to give you the best of your equipment and zip wire in general. A lot of people tend not to think about this, or in fact do not carry out any inspection, servicing or maintenance, and then wonder why it’s not running as good as the day it was installed.

The frequency of any inspection, servicing and maintenance will vary depending on different factors like the amount of use the zip wire gets, coastal location and the age of equipment.

It is crucial every zip wire is checked visually before use and comprehensively serviced every 12 months as a minimum.

Whether you have had your zip wire professionally installed by - by another company, or like many others, fitted it yourself, you can by using Mr Zipwire’s servicing and maintenance programme, rest assure and have peace of mind that the professional experts will impartially and thoroughly inspect your zip wire, service it and have passed it fit for use and purpose.

Please be ultra-careful when living by the sea, where salt oxidizing can occur on galvanized wire.


Our Inspection consists of a 10-point check list (not limited to but including).


  • All nuts and bolts are correctly installed e.g. the correct size, load bearing capability and correctly tightened. Including support frames. If loose, these will be tightened.
  • The entire length of wire inspected either manually or by using our unique remote-controlled camera where normal access is not possible e.g. over water. We will check for snags, frays and general wear and tear.
  • The wire is the correct dia. for the length of run and load bearing capabilities of persons using it. We can advise.
  • The wire is tensioned correctly. If not, it will be adjusted and then lubricated by us.
  • All wire securing clips are of the correct diameter for the wire and the nuts are securely fastened.
  • The spring brake inspected for damage and that it has not compressed over time.
  • The trolley is the correct one for the diameter of wire. It’s general use and is not damaged in any form.
  • The seat is the correct height from the ground. If not, this will be adjusted correctly.
  • The integrity of the rope/ chain lanyard.
  • If secured to trees, check for unnecessary wear around the trunk by the wire. The corrosion of the wire if it’s in direct contact with the bark. The general health of the tree and it’s of the correct species of tree to use e.g. Eucalyptus trees are not suitable as they shed limbs and their wood is not strong.


We have over 22 years’ experience installing, inspecting, servicing and maintaining zip wires.

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